Selecting a Designer

Often times, people will invest limited time when picking a designer. People look at the prospective designer's portfolio, check how fees are calculated, may check the professional references - these are all good things to do, but your relationship with your architect is a personal one, and the value a good designer / business person brings to your project will far surpass a pretty design. As well, review the style that the prospective designer typically works in. If you are wanting a sleek, modern box - a traditional styled designer is probably not a great fit as it might be out of their design comfort zone.

  • We are invested into your project from day one, and will get the other members of the construction team to "own" the project as well. When you can get the other team members to take personal "ownership / pride in" the project, it translates to the work, the project flows better and will end on a happy note.
  •  We explain the process and will be your guide throughout. We can help with budget formulation, work with the contractor to create a schedule / budget for the project, and explain any risks that might be encountered.
  • We value your life outside of your project, your time, and your sanity, and will do whatever we need to do to streamline the process, and make it as easy as possible on you and your family.
  • We appreciate your investment, and the nerves that come with it, and will do our best to help alleviate the anxiety.
  • We communicate well and get along with anyone - building departments, governmental entities, consultants, contractors, subs, etc. We are friendly, work well with people, and have always created longstanding relationships with our construction partners.
  • We are organized, know how to run a job, and deliver information we promise.
  •  We have an excellent reputation for quality work, and we answer our phones.

At Hinge, we take our work seriously. Following are some of the intangibles we offer that will help bring immediate value to your project. (This is also where we explain why we are the best.)