Architectural Design

We can help you create your dream project. From the first line on the paper until the keys are handed over, we will be your guide through the process. We have completed many successful projects, and are knowledgeable about what it actually takes to bring a project to life. The design, the most important item, often comes easily. We can help with the ‘entire’ project – governmental approvals, contractors / subs, and will safeguard your investment and your interests, as if they were our own.

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documents & Administration

We detail all aspects of the house. Complete, code compliant, well detailed drawings to secure governmental / HOA approvals, which will also help you to receive an accurate construction estimate, and establish a realistic budget.

We visit the construction site, observe the work, and create reports for the owners on the progress, and quality of the work. We act as a third party, and guard your investment and interests, and make sure you are getting "what you paid for".

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We have been part of many successful interior projects. We can help with surface choices and options. Lighting can make or break a project's successful "feel" - we have dedicated ourselves to being especially skilled designers with lighting plans, and systems – in order to create the most dramatic effects. We can design furniture layouts, sun shading devices, and if there were something very specific that we are not familiar with - we know the folks who can help.

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